September 09, 2002

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I just got word that I will be working in NYC again!! I'm so excited!!! I'll most likely work one day in NY and then another day at home, and then the 3 days that I do at the publishing company already and then the coffee house at night! I should definitely be able to save some money for my move in January!

So that means I must go to bed early tonight!!! It shouldn't be a problem since I've been so tired by 9pm I'm ready for bed! It's waking up that's my biggest problem. Anyone else not like to wake up in the morning?

I set my alarm to go off at a certain time and I wake up an hour later, with the alarm turned off not remembering that I woke up to the alarm and turned it off. And I just bought a new alarm clock thinking it might help. NOPE!!! I think I'm going to try the across the room thing. What a pain, then I really have to get out of bed. HRM?!?!?! Maybe I should think this over again.

September 08, 2002


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L'Shanah Tovah to all who celebrated the Jewish New Year this past weekend!! May you have a healthy, and happy new year!!
I have to admit, I really had a nice New Years. It was great spending time with the family and all!! I even enjoyed going to services this weekend. I mean I always enjoy going, but usually I'm in one of my moods, mostly because I have to go and see people that I graduated High School with bring their Husband or Wife, or Fiancee, or even boyfriend/girlfriend. And even the people that I didn't go to High School with, but are about my age, I have to see them bring their significant others and it gets kind of depressing for me. But this year, it was much better. I don't know why? Maybe because I've grown up a lot this summer and things like that don't bother me as much. Ok it still bothers me, and I didn't grow up THAT much, but I guess it doesn't bother me to the extent where it would hinder my enjoying the services.


I think another reason why I enjoyed the service so much was because there were some cute guys that were there that I was able to check out. (I am so on the rebound right now, it's bad!!! HA!!!) My mom noticed one guy, I noticed this other guy that I watch every year and then my sister and I noticed this new guy that we haven't seen before. He was tall, dark hair, slim and very compassionate!! After the services he hugged the elder man that he was sitting with, which I just thought was so sweet!!!! How many grown men do that nowadays, you know?

The guy my mom was checking out, I have no clue who he was. So luckily we will be back there next week for Yom Kippur and hopefully he will be there so I can check him out too.

And then the third guy that I always check out, is bald, well he shaves his entire head, but it's attractive, and I actually like when guys have buzz cuts, cause it feels like peach fuzz. (I also like a guy with a lot of hair too, but either way I guess! Not too picky on the hair!)Attractive men can always make the day go by so much easier!!


Services were also enjoyable this year by watching what everyone was wearing!! I think the winner was the woman who wore her pajamas and a safari hat. That was definitely a winner!!!! But also there were two girls who wore jean skirts. One wore a long jean skirt and a tight low cut shirt! Not appropriate at all!! Ane then the other girl wore a short, short, short jean skirt and white sandles that she couldn't even walk in.

Hello??? Who wears white sandles, or outfits after Labor Day????? So I guess you could say that the red carpet this year was pretty interesting!!!

I was always brought up with the idea that when you go to services, you get dressed up!! Suit and all. That this is a special place and you need to look your best!! If I walke d in to services wearing jeans I would feel very uncomfortable. So when I see others that come dressed as if they were going to a graduation party outside, It's very disturbing!!

Well that's my 2 cents for the day!!!! Have a great Monday!!!

September 06, 2002


Today is my parent's 33rd year anniversary!! Congratulations!! I hope you two have a great day!! Love ya!

September 05, 2002

Under 21

Today I went to buy wine, actually Kedem Concord Grape Wine for this Holiday weekend, and I once again was carded!! But it even gets better.........

I walked into the Liquor Store wearing Jeans, Sneakers, and a T-shirt and I said, "I'm looking for Kedem wine" to the guy behind the counter. So the guy smiled and said "just a minute I'll get the owner for you". And I'm thinking why does he have to get the owner ?!?!? right?? So I hear him in the office and he says "A representative for Kedem is here." I almost died. Here I look like crap and he thinks I'm a rep. So I stopped him and said, "NO I'm looking for Kedem wine." So he apologized and then showed me where it was.

So I then go up to this same guy to pay for the wine and he asks me for ID. Unbelievable!! I get carded everywhere. So I was laughing hysterically cause I just can't believe that he carded me after he thought I was a Sales Rep?!?!? Whatever!! HA!!

I really can't and shouldn't complain because it's very flattering for people to think that I'm under the age of 21. Most people guess about 22-24. And for those of you new to my site....I'm actually 27! So it's very flattering!


So last night was pretty boring at the coffee house. Only one cute guy came in all night and then we were pretty much dead for the rest of the night.

I think the most exciting part of the night was when the girl I was working with and myself, carried a bee outside so we didn't have to kill it. Me and BUGS yesterday?!?! Go figure!!

We luckily had a really nice customer who left us a BIG tip or else I probably would of gone home with $1 last night!!!

Some people are generous and others are not. I try and tip as much as possible, even if I get 15 cents back I put it in the tip jar if someone had to make the effort and make me something. Sometimes I tip a little more so the next time when I really don't have the money I don't feel bad for not tipping!!! It's interesting how working behind a counter for a coffee shop and also waitressing, really has changed my perspective on how I tip people!!!


September 04, 2002


There was this nasty looking bug that was flying around the window in my bosses office today! It looked like a wasp but times ten, it was humongeous!!! But I was too chicken to kill it, so this other woman who is helping out in the office swatted it with a rolled Magazine! He was either going to get us, or we had to kill him! So we opted to get rid of it!! YUCK!!!

This has been the highlight of my day really. Tonight should be more interesting because I'm working at the coffee house and you always have a good time there!!! Besides the cute guys that come in for coffee. ;-)

write me......sweetmj

SO it is 2:30am on Wednesday morning and I just strolled in from being out at Amberjacks with friends listening to this awesome band, Cyrus play. I've been going there every Tuesday night for the past 3 months?!?!? It's crazy, I know!!

Well after having mixed emotions all night, from seeing my ex (remember we only broke up a couple of weeks ago and I still have feelings for him) to seeing some other guy friends that I haven't seen forever who made me feel really good about myself, all in all, I think the night ended very well, and I will be able to get a good night sleep!! I had a great day in New York and am looking forward to the days ahead!

BUT..........................................Single life still stinks!! (except for when really goodlooking guys come into the coffeeshop where I work and I can flirt with them cause I'm not with anyone right now) HeeHeeHee!!! But that doesn't happen too often! Bed Time!!

send me some comments sweetmj


Well, thanks for some of your comments......I just had to post this one. This is from one of my best guy friends! He's just way too young for me to even consider dating, so I don't, but I still love to chat and hang out with him!! I have a deal with him that when he turns 21, I will then go out to the bar with him!!! He just can't wait that long! Love ya Steve!!! He's at college right now, but he left me this message......(wouldn't it be great to be young and at college again?)

Hey hun, im just gonna leave little comments here as i go along. You dont have to post it or anything unless you want to. The Black Duck is awesome. Try their duck wings, they are unbelievable, just thought i would let you know that. Yeah, you do turn red very fast, i think i know that the best out of anyone :). That must have been the shittiest date ever. Im sorry you had to go through that. I'm a 19 year college drunk, and i think we can have a better time then that. Well its 10:15, the only reason im up is cause my roommate needed me to find a parking spot so he could go to class. So im gonna go back to bed. Talk to you later babe.
~Drunken Wonder

September 02, 2002


Since some of you are just starting to get to know me, I should give you a little background on who I am and all. I am a Single, White, Female. That's about all you need to know, right? Kidding!!!

Seriously now...... I am a SWF, who is pursuing an acting career and works 2 jobs as of right now to pay her bills. I am 27 and am living home with the parents, or as I was told "the rents", that's what the kids call them today. I'm looking to move out by the end of the year and start a new chapter in my life. It's about time. I absolutely love my parents and appreciate everything they've ever done for me, but I just feel that it's time to move on. Cause if I don't, I'm so comfortable at home that I would probably stay here until I marry, and with my dating situations, that could be till I was 40!!!! Now, I just broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago as of tomorrow night, but who's counting?? So I am single once again!! Not really enjoying being single, but any of you out there who are single and who've been set up on dates or have set yourself up on dates may enjoy my story I have to share with all of you.......And even if you aren't single, you should enjoy this and be glad that you have someone.

(just to keep things a little private, I will only use initials)

Ok so it all started when my friend, JW, emailed me and wrote, "I know you are swearing off men again (I did this once and met my boyfriend, so I figured, why not try it again, right?) So anyways....she said "but..... I'm seeing this guy "I" (I don't know his last name so he's just "I") and his friend "J" is coming into town for the weekend and they wanted to know if I had a friend to invite out to make it sort of like a double date." So I was like, "SURE, why not, it can't hurt to try, right??" HA!!! So, they pick a place for us to meet up for dinner, we ended up at the Black Duck, now this restaurant/bar is a dive, it's this run down bar that's by the water and it literally is on a slant, so you feel like you are constantly about to fall into the water. Even when you're sober you can't walk straight. It's a great place to hang out, and it ended up being fine for dinner. At first I was a little shocked cause I was told that they made reservations, and I just didn't think of that place being the reservation type, but it was.

So JW and I get to the bar, a little late, but we won't go into details and the guys were already waiting there for us, they were sitting in their car. Now "I" is about 6 foot something, at least that's what JW told me, so I'm thinking that his friend is going to be about that tall too, right? WRONG!! The kid got out of the SUV and I swear I said to myself "Oh My Gosh, "I" brought his little brother with him!!!" Now he wasn't a kid, actually they were both 28, but he looked like he was 13!! So I'm thinking this is going to be an interesting night!! Well, after waiting for a table forever cause "I" thought this guy was getting us a table, but he wasn't, we finally got seated, thanks to me cause I went up to someone and asked them if we needed to put our names down. (but that is so besides the point) Moving on with the story....... After we ordered our meal, I asked "does anyone mind if I get a drink?" Cause no one else ordered any alcohol, and I'm thinking, 'If I'm going to get through tonight, I need a drink!!!' So I ordered my Rum and Diet coke and JW ended up with a beer. Now the dinner conversations weren't too bad. We didn't have too much silence, we were able to talk about stuff and I was thinking, "OK, this isn't too bad", I am out with a friend, actually a sorority sister, who I don't get to hang out with too much, so it was nice to have her company. So we get through dinner even with quite a few laughs, they even made me turn Bright RED, which isn't a really big deal, cause I turn red very fast, but if I turn red it only means that things are funny. So I wasn't attracted to "J" at all, and he creeped me out a little bit, but I was still having a civilized conversation with 3 other people, the evening couldn't get too bad. HA! HA!! So dinner is over and the check comes. Now I wasn't expecting "J" to pay for me especially cause we really weren't being set up on a date, but I thought for sure "I" would of paid for JW, since they are seeing eachother, but nope, we went DUTCH!! And actually "J" paid for "I", so maybe there is something kinky going on there. KIDDING!!!! Once we paid for dinner, I said, "what do you want to do now?" It's about 10-10:30ish and I'm thinking we will be going out to a bar, that would be a good place to go after dinner, especially on a Saturday night. So they couldn't decide, so I said "I'm going to the restroom so you guys discuss amongst yourselves and let me know what you come up with when I get back!" So I go to the bathroom and I call my little bro quickly just to see where he was headed cause I thought, ok maybe we could end up with my brother and at least have some more company with these guys. Now JW has been out with "I" a couple of times before tonight, so she obviously felt comfortable with him, but his friend was a little "sketchy". So I'm on the phone with my bro and he says, "ok just a yes or no answer, how's the night going?" So I say, "Oh don't worry, I'm in the bathroom right now, it's ok, not the greatest though!!" He was laughing so hard cause here he thought I was calling him with them right there and he was trying to be discreet, how cute huh? Ok so I get out of the bathroom, like 10 minutes later, it was pretty funny, and they decided to go back to "I"'s apartment. Now I didn't drive, and I was thinking, 'what are we going to do there?', but I didn't disagree so we went back to his place. MISTAKE!!!!! By the time we get there it's like 11, and I had my one drink which didn't get me typsy, but started to put me to sleep. We walk in the apartment and "I" has this mut who was barking so loud!!! I'm thinking, this is going to be interesting, a dog that won't stop barking!!!! He settles her down and JW, "I" and myself sit down in his living room. Now "J" disappears for like a half hour. I have no idea where he is, not that it mattered, cause I was so not going to hook up with him or anything, but it was just strange. So the 3 of us, were looking at each other like, ok, now what? So "I" says, "We could play monopoly!" yes he did say this and JW said, "sure we could do that!"(sarcastically) and then he said "or we could play spin the bottle, or toss your keys in the middle and whichever key you pick up that's who you are going home with!!" Yes a 28 year old, who supposedly was seeing my friend, was saying this. Now at this point "J" walked back in the room and joined us. So we started literally playing 20 questions!!!! You had to think of someone in the room! Can you believe this? Here there are 4 adults that just went out for a nice dinner and we are sitting around playing 20 questions. Then "I"'s dog started getting restless and kept barking at JW, and it got really annoying, so "I" gives the dog peanut butter to shut her up, which actually was kind of funny, cause it did shut her up until she licked it all clean!! Once she started barking again and we were literally on our 5th round of 20 questions.....I started nodding off and this was about 11:45 when JW said, "I think I'm going to take my friend home before she turns into a pumpkin." I felt bad cause I wasn't sure if she wanted to stay longer or what, but I quickly jumped up, shook their hands and was out the door faster then you could say BUH BYE!!! Now we get into the car and even though I was tired, (JW doesn't know this) I so wanted to go out with my brother, but instead, I had her drive me home where we ended up having a heart to heart for about an hour or so. And I also found out that she had just an ok time too!!!! Now what have I learned from this?? NOTHING REALLY!! Just that you should find out a little more about the person you are supposed to be meeting. HA!! And when a guy invites you back to his apartment on a Saturday night, and you aren't attracted to his friend, DON'T GO!!!!!
I wish my comments were working cause I would love to hear what others have to say about this evening and how others survive being single!!!!

The Party

So...................Amanda's Birthday Party was a blast last night!! We all had such a good time. My little brother's friends came over, one of his friend's I haven't seen in 2 years, it was so great to see her, but it wasn't enough time for us to catch up, so she will be joining us for Thanksgiving and I hope that we will be able to chat when she comes to visit again. Susie was there as well and it was so nice to see her before she leaves for Chermany. We had drinks and food, and more drinks, and more food. Mom is an incredible chef and we had her famous chicken, mmm....mmm...mmmmm good!!! I hope AJ enjoyed herself, cause I soitenly did!!!

September 01, 2002

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

I know that this is my first REAL posting, but instead of writing about myself.....I feel I need to dedicate this log to my sister. It's her birthday today and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be sitting here writing to all of you!

So this is for you AJ! Thanks and Happy Birthday!! I hope that you have an amazing year!!! And may all of your wishes come true! Love ya!!!